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Using Old Cardboard Boxes

You probably have some old boxes lying around, whether they’re shipping boxes or cheap moving boxes. Though you probably consider it clutter or junk at first, take a second before you toss the cardboard because we’ve come up with a few ways to use these throughout the year when the time calls for them. Check out our suggestions below.

Garage sale bins.
When you host a garage sale, some smaller items may need a place to sit together instead of being strewn about a table. Enter your cardboard boxes. By having a designated container, you can place a price sign on the outside of the box saying A) what’s within the box and B) how much they cost.


This could go for quite honestly anything that would fit in cardboard boxes, ranging from paperback books and binders to old pairs of shoes and socks.

Flower trays.
When you’re going shopping for some smaller flowers, the nursery often has them placed in small plastic pots. These can be unwieldy to carry or tote around, so having a cardboard box handy is quite useful. You can throw 6 to 10 small potted flowers in your box and carry them around while you look at other things.

Just as well, it’s useful to have a box at home so that you can carry your gardening tools around. It may be a decent trip from the front yard to the back, and you don’t want to have to make multiple trips to carry all those tools and flowers.


Hauling old electronics to recycling center.

First off, did you know electronic recycling was a thing? I didn’t for a long while. But it’s extremely valuable to the environment to recycle your electronics primarily because of battery and plastic waste. While not every recycling center does eRecycling, you can most likely find one somewhere near you that will take your old TVs, computers, and video game consoles. This is the perfect time to have some old shipping boxes handy so that you can pile the corded mess in, hand it over to the recycling center, and feel good about your green actions.

Old cardboard boxes can be used for just about anything. So the next time you buy a new item or have something shipped to you in cardboard, put it away for later rather than throwing it away now. You’ll always get some use out of it.