Packing Tips that will Change your Shipping or Moving Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to a new home or sending a gift. The procedure of packing a box in the right way is the same. The main goal when packing a box is to protect the contents and make sure it reaches its destination. You need to learn how to box up items securely if you are always running into problems whenever you ship your package. The following tips will be help you regain your packaging confidence as well as prevent avoidable mishaps.

  1. Pick the right packaging materials

Pick the right packaging materials

Get the right boxes

You could go for new boxes or used ones that have not worn out. Well, if you decide you are going to get used boxes don’t go for worn cartons because they will disappoint you. Instead, get liquor store boxes that can withstand heavy weights as well as support glass items, although, the boxes are only used once. You could also get new shipping boxes.

Get specially designed containers

Dishes needs to be handled carefully along with other fragile items and dish barrel box will help you to do that. It is designed with dividers as well as thick protective sides to keep your fragile items intact.

Get the right tape


Masking tapes and adhesive are not good choices for your packaging needs. Get the right packaging tape which is at least two inch-wide and use it to reinforce the bottom of your boxes and any seams.

Foam peanuts, paper, bubble wrap can help

The above materials will help your belongings stay intact and avoid movement which could cause breakage. You can use a newspaper but stiffer white packaging paper will do better owing to the fact that it is not easily flattened.

  1. Pick the right size box

Pick the right size box

Pack starting from the bottom going up

First, ensure the box you choose is bigger in size than the item you want to ship. Build a bubble wrap or a crumpled paper layer at the bottom and start packing heaviest items first. The lightest items should come on top.

Pack items tightly

Surround your items with foam peanuts or wedge paper and before closing the box, build a padding layer on top.

Watch the weight of a box

30 pounds is a suitable weight of a full box. In case the box weighs 30 pounds and it is not yet full, fill it up with packing materials as well as other items. While you are ensuring you are not under-packing a container, ensure you don’t over-pack because it could burst open.

Seal and label

Seal the box tightly and start labeling it. Stick a shipping label on the top, side and bottom of packages. In the case of moving boxes, each box should have a label containing a list of contents and its destination.

  1. Finally, organize your packing

Finally, organize your packing

Avoid room mix-ups

When you’re moving, put a number of boxes in each room. When packing, don’t package items from multiple areas in one box. The boxes in each room should be used to pack items from the respective rooms and with the help of labels, movers will know the destination of each box.

Be a smart shipper

If an item is fragile or delicate, it doesn’t have to be gift wrapped. For its security, pack it with pillows or even towels.

Get the right carrier

Do your research and compare services as well as rates from different carriers.